How to Schedule a Sleep Study

How to Schedule a Sleep Study 

Step One: Order for a study

Your first step is to talk to your neurologist or primary care physician about your symptoms. The Neurology Center for Sleep Disorders will need a written order from your physician for the appropriate test.   If you are already being seen by one of our sleep specialists or neurologists you can schedule your appointment at one of our offices when you receive the written order from them during your office visit.  If you have been referred to us directly by your primary care doctor, you may need a referral and other insurance information (See step #2 below). You will receive our sleep packet with detailed instructions for your study either at the time of your last visit or in the mail prior to your study.


Step Two: Check your insurance before you come if you are referred to us by a PCP

A sleep study is considered an outpatient diagnostic testing procedure and most medical insurance plans cover sleep studies. However, deductibles and plan coverage varies, so please provide us with your insurance information so we may verify your coverage. Also, you may be responsible for obtaining any insurance referrals or pre-authorization if required by your insurance company prior to the testing procedure if you were referred to us directly from a primary care physician.  All charges will be billed directly to you if prior authorization and/or referral is not obtained prior to the testing procedure.


*All patients are required to bring insurance cards and identification at the time of testing *


Step Three: Contact Us

If you did not schedule your study during your last visit, or if you are being referred for testing by your primary care doctor, you can do so at your convenience by calling (301)576-8700 between 8:30AM and 4:30PM, Monday thru Friday.


Sleep testing procedures are typically scheduled from 9PM to 6AM; however, we will try to accommodate any special needs in this regard (i.e. shift workers or circadian delays).   If you have any other special needs or requests, please let us know in advance so we can make every reasonable effort to accommodate these needs.



Cancelling a sleep study:

We understand that appointments may need to be rescheduled or cancelled in certain situations.  Please be sure to notify the sleep center directly at (301) 576-8700, NO LATER THAN ONE BUSINESS DAY (M-F 8:30am-4:30pm) prior to your scheduled appointment. Please note that a missed appointment or cancellation made less than one business day (M-F 8:30am-4:30pm) may be subject to a $250 fee. If extenuating circumstances prevent you from calling during regular business hours, please call (301) 654-1500 to reach our overnight staff. Leave a voicemail if necessary.